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The registered dental hygienist, working at the Dentist Office in Woodbridge VA. She performs dental hygiene care, which denotes all caries and periodontitis preventive treatments, carries out non-surgical and supportive periodontal treatments and engages in the promotion of oral and general health of the patients. She supports and encourages her patients to assume responsibility for their personal oral hygiene and instructs them with individual preventive measures. The goal of Mss. Smith at the Dentist Office in Woodbridge VA  is to minimize future reconstructive dental treatments and have a chance to help other people.

The Periodontist has been working at Admire Dental Care since the opening of  the  Dental office in Woodbridge VA .  He performs all tasks related to periodontics includes the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of healthy, functional attachment levels around teeth and implants. After patients receive prophylactic periodontal therapy, they are referred to Dr. Bravo for cases of unresolved progression of disease or more advanced or aggressive diseases.

In addition to treatment and prevention of the effects of periodontal destruction, patients are also referred to Dr. Bravo at the Dental office in Woodbridge VA  for gum disease and other issues of the gums and bones surrounding the jaw. His work are surgical or non-surgical and include tasks like placing implants, developing treatment plans, and providing preventative care. He also performs cosmetic procedures, including tissue grafts or reductions to alter the way a person’s smile looks. Part of his job at the Dental office in Woodbridge VA  is to help patients resolve issues like tooth sensitivity.

Preventive Care

To keep teeth healthy it is important to have regularly Comprehensive Oral Exam visits and Dental Check-ups..

Specialty Dentistry

A dentist or endodontic uses root canal treatment to find the cause of and then treat problems related to the tooth’s soft core..

Emergency Dentistry

Any trauma to the mouth that may cause bleeding and lacerations to the gums, and dislodge or fracture teeth..

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth enamel plays a very important role in protecting the teeth from decay. It forms a strong barrier that shields the inner layers..

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"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing dentalcare environment."- "Dr. Judith T. Eugene"

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